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John Legend

John Legend – Used to Love You

Songtext – Liedtext Used to Love You von John Legend Baby, It’s me… Maybe I bore you No, No it’s my fault cause I can’t afford you Maybe baby Puffy, Jay Z Could all be better for you Cause all I… Zum Songtext →

John Legen – Coming Home

Songtext – Liedtext Coming Home von John Legend A father waits upon a son A mother prays for his return I just called to see If you still have a place for me We know that like took us apart But… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – Save the Night

Songtext – Liedtext Save the Night von John Legend A little trouble in the city Trouble in my home She told me love don’t live here anymore I wanna run to the light It’s too dark in this part of night… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – Made to Love

Songtext – Liedtext Made to Love von John Legend I was sent here for you We were made to love We were made to love You were sent for me too We were made to love We were made to love… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – This Time

Songtext – Liedtext This Time von John Legend Ran into you yesterday Memories rushed through my brain Its starting to hit me Now you’re not with me I realize I made a mistake I thought that I needed some space But… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – You & I

Songtext – Liedtext You & I (NOBODY IN THE WORLD) von John Legend You fix your make up, just so Guess you don’t know, that your beautiful Try on every dress that you own You were fine in my eyes, a half… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – Ordinary People

Songtext – Liedtext Ordinary People von John Legend Girl im in love with you This ain’t the honeymoon past the infatuation phase Right in the thick of love At times we get sick of love It seems like we argue everyday… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – Stay With You

Songtext – Liedtext Stay With You von John Legend We’ve been together for a while now we’re growing stronger everyday now It feels so good and there is no doubt I will stay with you As each morning brings sunrise And… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – Everybody Knows

Songtext – Liedtext Everybody Knows von John Legend It gets harder everyday but I can’t seem to shake the pain I’m trying to find the words to say, please say It’s written all over my face I can’t function the same… Zum Songtext →

John Legend – All of Me

Songtext – Liedtext All of Me von John Legend What would I do without your smart mouth Drawing me in and you kicking me out? Got my head spinning, no kidding I can’t pin you down What’s going on in that… Zum Songtext →

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